Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Poetry Chain Gang (Volume 1) | Jennylynn Keller

THE POETRY CHAIN GANG (part 4 w/ Jennylynn Keller)

The Black Telephone has five fast questions for poet Jennylynn Keller.

BT: I love beginnings; one of my favorite poem-beginnings is: "That rusty zipper, the Pawcatuck river/fastens Rhode Island to Connecticut down/to the sea" from Leslie McGrath's poem Renewal. Is there a poem beginning that you absolutely love?

JENNYLYNN: Sylvia Plath's "Morning Song". She says, "Love set you going like a fat gold watch."

BT: Novels get turned into movies; short stories do, too. Is there a poem out there that you could see as a movie or inspiration for a movie?

JENNYLYNN: "The Red Wheelbarrow" [by William Carlos Williams] or "We Real Cool" [by Gwendolyn Brooks]

BT: Poets & jocks— I have a weakness for both; which one do you think makes a better lover? How come?

JENNYLYNN: Jocks. But maybe that just means I haven't found the right poet yet.

BT: Are you working on a poem right now? If so, would you mind sharing the title? If not, what poetry related thing are you working on?

JENNYLYNN: "In Five Days"

BT: I'm trying to start a chain, a chain of poets, sort of like a chain gang of poets. Suggest, please, a poet I should ask five fast questions to next.

JENNYLYNN: I'm tagging Ian Douglas. There's just something about that 'burgh.

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