Friday, January 28, 2011

The Poetry Chain Gang (Volume 3) | Bobby Miller

The Black Telephone has five fast questions for poet Bobby Miller.

BT: On your Myspace page, you say: “… I have retired to a semi quiet life on Cape Cod where I have gotten more … writing done in the last five years than I did in the thirty I lived in Manhattan.” That said, do you think where you write influences how you write?

BOBBY: I think where you are can inspire what you write but I don't think it is necessary to always write in the same place to get the same results. Though, I did used to write in a secluded spot in New York's Central park every day for several years and produced some of my strongest work there.

BT: You are a photographer as well as a poet. If you had to pick just one talent (photography or writing), which would you pick?

BOBBY: Photography because everyone can look at an image, not everyone will take the time to read words on paper.

BT: I recently came across the website Nerve. On it, there is a section called Advice From Poets from which I stole my next question: if "The Ezra Pound" was a sex position, what would it be?

BOBBY: The Ezra pound would involve several hours of hard fucking with your partner bent over and face down on the floor.

BT: What poet would you consider to be poetry's superstar?

BOBBY: Poetry superstar of all time: Allen Ginsberg. 2nd runner up: Diane DiPrima

BT: I’m trying to start a chain, a chain of poets, sort of like a chain gang of poets. Can you please suggest a poet I should ask five fast questions to next?

BOBBY: Janice Erlbaum

Bobby Miller is a poet,make up artist, actor & photographer. Author of 17 books of poetry & photographs. Has read his work in the US, Canada & Europe. He is an autodidact with a master's degree from the school of hard knocks and lives at the tip of the world in Provincetown, Massachusetts after 30 years in NYC.

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