Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Poetry Chain Gang (Volume 3) | Jadon Woodard

The Black Telephone has five fast questions for poet Jadon Woodard.

BT: What poet would you consider to be poetry's superstar?

JADON: Strivers Row, Brook Yung, Seff Alriqi, Aja Monet, Justin Long, Humuni, Jadon Woodard

BT: Can you spit something really quick from off the top of your head? (I promise I won't steal it).


I saw a house
named Nate
in the grocery store yesterday
we hadn't seen each other in a minute
last time we hung was in NO after Katrina had that break down

Nate had aged alot
but still had those three blinking eyes
and still wore a bang over the right one

mouth hung open
I wanted to offer some toothpaste or a breathmint
because the house's breath
smelled like salt water and dead bodies

BT: Poetry is_____ ?

JADON: Therapy, Self Expression

BT: Do you know a poem (not one of yours) by heart?

JADON: I don't, lol

BT: I’m trying to start a chain, a chain of poets, sort of like a chain gang of poets. Can you please suggest a poet I should ask five fast questions to next?

JADON: Matthew "Cuban" Hernandez

James Jadon Woodard is a 20 year old poet/MC/DJ who resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by way of New Jersey, Florida, and California. Jadon is a member of the 2010 Philadelphia National Poetry Slam Team, 2010 New Jersey Youth Poetry Slam Team and the 2010 Spoken Word Almanac Project. He has been featured in commercials ranging from 2010 Sprite NBA Slam Dunk Contest spot to Nickelodeon Black History Month and has been featured in various other media outlets. He is grateful for all of the blessings received, but humbles himself and knows that he has ages of dues to pay.